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Inteligent Privacy Handset

Inteligent Privacy Handset

Inteligent Privacy Handset

Beam RST970

Beam RST970 Intelligent Handset provides a convenient user interface for supporting Voice and SMS services across a wide range of markets applications and is supported on the Beam RST100 and SatDOCK terminals.

The RST970 handset supports voice calls as well as utilizing the Iridium SMS service. RST970 is compact and includes an inbuilt ring alert and hang-up cup for easy mounting and is supplied with a 1.5m extension cable, mounting bracket and joiner. 
Uses: - Land
. All types of vehicles 
. Trucks, Buses, Trains, Construction, Recreational, SUV's 
. Hands-free voice communications 
. Integrated voice communications. Fixed site application 
. Crew Calling 
. Captain & Crew calling from one unit 
. Installed as part of a tracking system 
 . Aircraft integrated communications 
. Helicopter integrated communications 

Fits Model: universal

Only: + GST

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Inteligent Privacy Handset

Terminal Features

. Optional Hands-free operation
. In-built ringer
. Mountable Hang-up cup
. Simple RJ45 connection
. Extension Cables available
. Supports all voice services
. Supports SMS services
. Convenient Installation
. Variable Ring Tones

Terminals Supported
. Remote Satellite Terminal RST100
. Fixed Satellite Telephone RST620
. 9505A Hands-free kit RST978
. 9505A IntelliDOCK RST310
. SatDOCK 9555
. SatDOCK 9505A
. RST625 RapidSAT

Inteligent Privacy Handset Specs

RST970 - Intelligent Handset

. Intelligent Handset 
. Handset hang-up cup / cradle 
. Extension cable 1.5 metres 
. RJ45 - RJ45 joiner


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